How Things Are Billed

I typically offer my services for a flat fee tailored to each project. Unless the scope of the project changes, the estimate you receive will be the amount that you will pay at the completion of the project.

Simple Pricing

Free Consultation

ProjectEstimate *
Basic Website$400 – $800
Complex Website$800 – $2000+
Graphic Design$60 – $300+

* These amounts are rough estimates. The total cost for each project depends largely on the needs of the client.

Are you a ministry?

Call me! I would love to hear your story, catch your vision, and work together to build something great that glorifies the Lord. I consider it a privilege to serve people who are serving God!

Frequently Asked Questions

When can you begin working on my project?

My business schedule is subject to my ministry schedule. Provided that my schedule is open for work, a client must agree to the proposed project timeline, accept the Project Agreement, and pay a security fee (if requested) for all to be ready for project commencement.

What content will you need from me?

There are too many details to list here, but basically you will need to be prepared to provide high-quality photographs and written descriptions of your organization in a timely fashion as requested for the project.

What if I don’t like your design?

My goal is to a produce satisfied customer. You will have opportunities to review the progress of the work and provide feedback during the design process. If you are not pleased with the direction of the project, I will work with you until you are satisfied with the design.

What if I want to change or add to the project?

After the Project Agreement is accepted, major changes or additions to the project may be charged by a flat-fee or at a rate of $25 per hour. I reserve the right to decide what constitutes a major change.

Why does hosting start at $12.50 per month?

Software subscriptions and renting server space can quickly add up. Domain registration renewals and email services are additional charges. If you request more hosting services beyond the needs of most clients, those charges will also be added to the monthly $12.50. Regular maintenance, monitoring, analytics, and 30 minutes of technical support are included in the hosting fee at a significantly discounted rate. As a bonus, I hold licenses to several valuable WordPress plugins and provide those for free to my clients.

What is a Security Fee?

The project Security Fee is a down payment of 15% of the total bill. It ensures me that the client is serious about moving forward with the project. Production can not begin until the security fee has been paid.

What is the Project Agreement?

The full Project Agreement that you will be subject to if you hire me can be previewed here.

What about my privacy?

Your personal information stored at Brubaker Design Services is secure. To learn more, please read my full privacy statement here.